Le Grange Gites - Fishery

Fishing Rules

Our fishing times are from dawn to dusk.
All landing nets to be dipped in our tanks before use.

All anglers and non-Anglers must abide by the following: -

1. We operate a no kill fishery – all fish MUST be returned to the water
2. You must hold a valid Le Grange Gites Fishery Fishing Ticket when fishing, regular checks will be made, if you are found fishing with no valid ticket, you will be asked to leave and the police will be informed
3. Maximum two rods per angler.
4. BARBLESS hooks only to be used
5. The welfare of the fish is of the utmost importance - handle fish with extreme care. Never use a cloth (wet or dry) to handle fish. Wet hands are much kinder.
6. If taking a photo of your fish, support the fish on the underside and low over an un-hooking mat and keep the time the fish is out of the water to a minimum
7. Always use a good quality-unhooking mat.
8. Always remove hooks with the utmost of care.
9. Use landing nets for all fish, do not swing fish in
10. No Fixed Rigs (Feeders & Leads) to be free running on the line.
11. Never leave rods unattended whilst bait is in the water.
12. Fishing at marked pegs only. No fishing between pegs.
13. We do not allow retention of fish in any way. No keep nets to be used - except during official arranged matches.
14. An adult must accompany anglers under 16 years of age.
15. Modern soft mesh landing nets must be used. These may be hired from the Gites
16. Only fish one swim at a time
17. Toilets are not provided, you will need to drive to Josselin to use the public toilets (in the car park next to the canal just past the Chateau)
18. No throwing stones, branches or any other items into the lake
19. No Swimming in the lake
20. Keep noise to a minimum
21. Keep all gates closed
22. Take all litter home with you
23. No Nuts, dog or cat food to be used, also keep ground baiting to a minimum
24. No Fires
25. Sorry no BBQ's because of the fire risks
26. If any dead fish are found, please remove them if possible, and let us know

Finally we hope you enjoy your fishing at Le Grange Gites Fishery our rules are there for
your safety and to ensure the welfare of our fish, we hope you understand

Good Fishing! - Simon and Lesley

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