Naizin & Village Lake

Just 8 Minutes from the Gites is the small village of Naizin, the village has some traditional French shops, as well as a lovely lake for a stroll around with many things to do ideal for a Picnic or a stroll around at the end of a day out:

Pedaloes and Rope Barge

Animal Park, feeding the Deer's

Left - Silkie Chicken

Right - feeding the Deer's

Left - One of the Swing sets

Right - Sweet Chestnuts

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Left - Cafe, and bookings for Mini Golf and Pedaloes

Right - Price board for the bar / cafe, pedaloes, mini golf etc (this is located at the hut shown on the left)

Left - Fishing regulations

Right - Map of the Park - Base de Loisirs de Naizin

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