Fishing Lake - De-Silting Work 2014

Welcome to our page describing the work on our lake in 2014

Since 2013 we have been planning to De-silt and clean out our fishing lake, it is a
long procedure with environmental permissions and regularising our fishing lake

However finally we have the necessaries to carry out the works, we started pumping
out the lake on Wednesday 3rd December 2014; the pumping took 4 days, approx 3,000,000 litres

At the same time we constructed a new small stock pond in the field adjacent to our lake,
on Saturday 6th December the water was low enough to catch up the fish and move them to the stock pond a muddy, wet and smelly day!

We also had the opportunity to assess the fish and stocking levels, remove un-wanted species such as Perch Soleil and Pike

We then had to keep the level of the lake low to allow the machinery access to the lake to commence the cleaning out of the lake
a ramp was constructed at the north end of the lake to give access to the field

The silt within the lake was between 10cm and 50cm deep, as it has not been de-silted since its construction in 1976!

So by de-silting and cleaning out the lake, we have gained a substantial increase in the depth and volume of water within the lake

By the 17th December all the silt was the transferred from the lake to the field into a temporary bund to hold the silt whilst
it dries for a month ready for testing for toxicity and then transporting off site, the bund also prevents any flooding
from putting the silt back in the lake or canal, the normal procedure would be to allow the silt to dry in place, before moving,
but as the lake was filling each day it was not practical to pump out the water for a month, as the silt would never dry

The ramp is now reconstructed and the lake bed limed and is now re-filling naturally, trees have been replanted and the access to the field closed

3rd January 2015, now the water level is good and after checking the Ph and Oxygen levels for a few days, the fish from the stock pond have now been returned to the lake

We have also had the opportunity to replant some of the water lilies to form new beds and introduced some new varieties to the lake

We have arranged a delivery of 200kg Mirror & Common Carp and 20kg Tench for delivery end January early February 2015 to compliment our existing stock

We have also removed 11 large trees that fell in the 2014 February storms, the last root ball was dug out and moved

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