Our Fishing Holidays

CUBA - Cayo Guillermo - 8th October 2014 to 22nd October 2014

Fish Caught, From the Pier at the Melia, Mangroves behind the Cayo's, Pilar Beach, Hobby Kats, Marlin Boat and the Causeway Bridge, fishing with Josh, Gordon, Arraon, Giovanni, Chu-Cho, Jose & Michael

Also fish caught during our participation on fishing vessle "CASTERO" in the 5th International Big Game Trolling Tournament

Barracudas up to 22lb, Wahoo up to 25lb, Dorados up to 14lb, Cubera Snappers up to 20lb, Mutton Snappers, Grouper, Bone Fish & Cow Fish

Bluestriped Grunts, Small Grouper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Small Jacks, Parrot Fish, Cubera - Mutton Snappers, from the piers

Our First attempt at the 5th International Big Game Trolling Tournament October 2014, although we did not win, or gain any prizes, we had a fantastic trip and experience, we will be back!

We caught 14 Dorado's and 4 Barracuda, we had on no less than 7 occasions, Sailfish strike the lures, but unfortunately no hook ups, another year maybe!

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