Our Fishing Holidays

CUBA - Cayo Guillermo - 14th January 2013 to 28th January 2013

Fish Caught, From the Pier at the Melia, Pier at the Daquiri , Cayo Paradon / Romano, Mangroves behind the Cayo's, The canals to the side of the Daquiri, Pilar Beach, Hobby Kats and the Causeway Bridge, fishing with Don, Giovanni and Yuan, Chu-Chu and Alex

Barracuda up to 12lb, King Fish 2lb, Nurse Shark 66lb, Eagle Rays 2 Landed 150lb+ and 200lb+, Jacks to 2lb, Lizard Fish & Clown Wrasse

Baracuda, Permit, Bluestriped Grunts, Small Grouper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Small Jacks, Parrot Fish, Cubera - Mutton and Sheaphead Snappers, from the piers

Some fish below i did not catch

Don with 150lb Plus Eagle Ray, Barracuda, Cubera Snapper, King Fish, Mutton Snapper and Jack on Heddon Super Spook

Don with our Lunch Mr Lobstary!

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