Golfe du Morbihan &

Fishing in the Golfe du Morbihan

The most unusual feature of the gulf is its islands; there are around 42. Many are owned by celebrities but the two largest, Île aux Moines and Île d'Arz, are favourite tourist destinations in summer. The cross-shaped Île aux Moines offers scenic walks around its 4 miles (7km) coast while Arz has lovely creeks and coves to enjoy a dip. One of the most popular activities is to take a boat trip around the gulf from Vannes, however, many visitors take the boat from Larmor-Baden to see the island of Gavrinis, probably the most impressive megalithic site in Brittany, whose long stone passageway is adorned with carvings.

Also please see our "Ile Aux Moines" page, a very recommended day out

Below are some pictures etc from our own boat, which we do some fishing from, if we have space and we are going you could possibly join in

Fishing trips are available with Loic Lemare from Port Blanc - Please visit his website for more details, Half day and Full days available: pecheaubar-morbihan

Sea Bream - for the BBQ

Dorade Gris

Small Bass - Returned safe and well!

Left - Fishing with Loic - Fishing Guide and 2 fishermen

Right - Sea bass

Fishing Trip - Fred with Gurnard and Bass

Fishing Trip - Trevor and Simon - 2 Bass

Fishing Trip - Trevor and Simon - 2 Bass

Fishing Trip - Simon and John - 2 Bass

Fishing Trip - Angie and Fred - 2 Bass

Fishing Trip - Fred and John - 2 Bass

Fishing Trip - Josh Garfish and Simon Bass

Fishing Trip - Josh and Simon - 2 Bass

Tour de Golfe

Tour de Golfe

Tour de Golfe

Tour de Golfe

Megalithic Stones

Tour de Golfe

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