Etel and Saint Cado

A 55 minute drive will take you to Belz. Here you can park and take a short walk along the flat coastal estuary path to the narrow bridge which crosses to the "Ile de Saint Cado". The pretty little cottage that is pictured across many advertisements for Brittany can been seen on a small island just to the left of this bridge. The island of Saint Cado is a short walk. There are many small cottages, artist studios and a church with excellent views all round. We would suggest lunch at the little restaurant "Les Algues Marines" just in front of the bridge. Lots of choice from the menu such as omelettes, gallets, crepes as well as sea food. Very good and an excellent place to eat with a fantastic view. There is also a small beach to the left of the narrow bridge. You can also buy gifts from the small shop and the local artists are showing their pictures here which you can also purchase.

We would also then suggest after visiting St Cado that you take the small drive to Etel, which is a sea side town very similar to Padstow in Cornwall. There are many restaurants and shops here, also a beach area and a Marina. We would suggest if you have not eaten at St Cado / Belz to have lunch here or a Cafe Gourmand, which consists of a coffee and several small deserts usually for around 7 euros, very yummy and good value (see the pictures below). There is also a small tourist train in Etel which will show you the sights

To visit St Cado, Drive to Belz (56550 Belz) from your map or sat nav, then park at the sign posted car park and walk along the path to the restaurant and island. When leaving the car park at Belz you can find Etel nearby

Left - Little Cottage on Petit Ile de Saint Cado

Right - Fisherman's Cottages

Left - Church

Right - Little Cottage on Petit Ile de Saint Cado

Left - Les Algues Marines Bar Restaurant

Right - Walk from the carpark at Belz to Ile de Saint Cado

Left - Moule Frites

Right - Omelette and Chips

Left -Beer with Lunch

Right - Calvaire

Left - Beach at Belz

Right - View of the Little Cottage on Petit Ile de Saint Cado from the restaurant

Left - Marina at Etel

Right - Marina at Etel

Left - View of the Beaches from Etel

Right - View of the Beaches from Etel

Left - Cafe Gourmand at Etel

Right - View of the Beaches from Etel

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