Le Grange Gites - Coronavirus - COVID-19

To all guests we have created this webpage to try to help in answering any questions you may have about the Coronavirus Pandemic

We will update this webpage as soon as we can with any new information we receive:


At the current time we ask that you visit the FCO website for information about travel to France.

You can see their updates by following the link below and we advise you just keep an eye on any changes


France have taken measures to try and stop the spread of this virus as quickly as possible

As none of our guests are arriving before June, we hope that before this time all will have returned to normal

All of our reservations are subject to our standard terms and conditions supplied to you when you booked.
However for 2020 Bookings we have changed our policy on the final balance payment due date to
allow you to pay this balance 4 weeks before the start of your holiday rather than the usual 10 weeks,
this is to give our customers more time to make an informed decision,
for all new customers also, this same change will apply

The advice we have been given is that we should advise our guests to check that their travel insurance covers
them for this situation. It should be under the section Travel Disruption.
If you have any doubts please just check with your insurance company

At this time we suggest that you go ahead with your booking, and pay your balance by the due date

If, once you have paid, and for any reason you cannot continue with your booking, we will
then issue you with a receipt and a letter if required by you stating the amount you have paid to us, so that
you can make a claim from your travel insurance company you may also be able to claim from your insurance any travel costs to us

We can assure you that we are ready for the season and to offer you your holiday as booked

If you have any concerns we have not covered above, you can of course contact us by
phone or email and we will do our best to give you a answer, but during this very fluid and changeable
time, we can only give you the information that we have at the time, we trust you understand

We hope the situation will soon be stable and we look forward to seeing both our
return guests and also meeting our new guests very soon

Thank you for your confidence and your time in reading this, Simon and Lesley

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